We can properly service turbo pumps of all makes and models back to manufacturer’s original specifications at a substantial savings compared to purchasing new. Turbo pumps are extremely delicate instruments that require precision-bearing installation with critical variables of load, tolerances, and lubrication. Certain rotor assemblies must be precisely balanced to eliminate noise and vibration to maximize bearing life. We guarantee that our procedures and components meet or exceed OEM specifications.

• Advance Exchange Service
• Rush Repair
• Global Service & Delivery

Only ultra-precision ceramic bearings are used. To balance rotor assemblies, we utilize a two-plane dynamic balancer which offers many advantages over a simple vibration analyzer. The imbalance in turbo pump rotors can only be eliminated by mass correction in at least two planes perpendicular to the shaft axis. Our two plane dynamic balancer pinpoints the angle and mass of imbalance. Adjustments are carefully made until the balancer’s microprocessor determines the assembly’s residual imbalance is within tolerances.

We achieve a Balance Quality Grade of G-1(ISO1940/1 & ANSI S2.19) which provides superior bearing life. A major service report showing the specifications to which your pump was balanced is included with every rebuild.

• Complete Decontamination and Cleaning
• Analyzation and inspection
• All Seals, Bearing and wick/grease plugs replaced
• Reassembly with ceramic bearings
• Dual-Plane dynamic balancing
• 48-hour quality control test
• 12-month warranty on most units
• Balance specification reports
• Pump sealed and prepared for use or storage
• Expedite service available on all units